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What if … * Your body is highly intelligent * Your symptoms have deep meaning * Specific stress and specific emotions affect specific organs * You can know exactly why you have symptoms * You don’t need to worry anymore because you just know how your bodymind works * Discovering your Organ-Emotion Connection will help you meta-heal yourself * Knowing the 5 major Points and Phases of Healing will transform fear of symptoms into trust * You experience different symptoms during stress and regeneration (for the same organ) * Increasing awareness and mindfulness is the key to health * You learn to listen to the unconscious messages and learning lessons of your symptoms Do you want to know the specific stress triggers and emotions for: * Back pain * Allergies * Eczema * High blood pressure * Diabetes * Headaches * Cancer * Flu or the Cold * Stomach problems * Depression * Book Synposis Back pain, allergies, eczema, high blood pressure, depression, bipolar … Did you ever wonder why you got ill? Do you have symptoms and just don’t know what to do? Curious about which stress triggers and emotions influence your illnesses? Do you want to know why your current health beliefs may be damaging to your health?Discover the hidden truths about your body’s intelligence, the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection and the 5 major Points and Phases of Healing. META-Health is a new health paradigm to identify the stress triggers and e-motions connected with illness and to use awareness and conscious actions for self-healing. Explore how your beliefs about disease and health shape your destiny and how specific stress trigger and emotions affects specific organs and disease symptoms. Most important you will learn how to reset your beliefs and find ways to heal yourself using cutting-edge self-healing and consciousness techniques. Some of the features of the book are: Take the META-Health Challenge and test your health beliefs * 200 pages of transformational stories and information * Exclusive client cases of META-Healings * Examples for many illnesses * Chart of organs and their emotions * META-Health Fitness exercises


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